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Anneka has recently been on Hunted, Harry Hill Alien Fun Capsule, hosted the Radio 2 Arts Show and Radio 4 My Teenage Diaries.

About Me

Anneka started her career on the BBC production-training course and then worked for The World Service on “The World Today” and “Twenty-Four Hours” as a production assistant.

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Anneka produced a series of books and videos called The Adventure Series, she brought out a range of jumpsuits and she was immortalized in Madame Tussauds,  hanging from a rope ladder in the foyer.


Anneka changed her life completely and took an extended sabbatical to raise her children and study at Chelsea College of Art.   During this time she totally dropped out of public life and concentrated on her painting.


Challenge Anneka for BBC1.  The Challenge team took on seemingly impossible tasks which had to be completed entirely with the help of volunteers and donated materials and supplies.


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